WinPCD version 1.0 Released

The first version of Windows Passive Crossover Designer has been released. I had hoped to get more testing and feedback, but more users should solve that issue. While waiting for feedback I continued to test and modify. Full details of this progress can be found at my main web site which is also where the program is available for download. Use the link labeled “WinPCD progress details” in the right column.

Please take the poll posted here. I’m curious to learn more about users’ habits. The poll is based on the crossover categories originally in Jeff Bagby’s PCD spreadsheet that is now (partially) implemented in WinPCD. It’s not quite the poll I could use best, that would be listing by most-to-least often, but this will still help to give me an idea of what you use the most often.

You cannot comment unless you are a “subscriber”. Spamming seems to be too much of an issue with open comments in WordPress, but I would appreciate user feedback here, so please send an email if you would like to comment. I will create a subscriber account for you.

If you have PCD 7.0 by Jeff, you can import the session files exported by the PCD. You will need to manually change a couple of settings in the driver screens because there are slight differences for things like crossover type, parallel circuits, etc., but all crossover data should import unchanged. You can also export from WinPCD and I think it will import in PCD, but I never got around to testing that.

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