WinPCD version 1.1 Released

Version 1.1 is ready to release. The changes are largely related to the user interface based on feedback. The system SPL and impedance graphs are now on one of several optional windows as are the instructions, the schematic layouts and the generic circuits. These can all be re-sized to the users desire.

One very useful addition is the creation of a new set of schematics, also in an optional window. These are patterned after the schematic layouts with the addition of overlays of the circuit component values. Rather than having to match design controls on the driver tab pages to the schematic, these component values are updated on a real-time basis. Only those components that are active in the design appear on them and only the circuits that are active in the design appear in the window. This should be especially helpful to new users. They can also be printed and will include the component values. The only limitation is that circuits will not re-size when the window is re-sized. This is due to the difficulty of the component control placement and changes with a re-size.

The screen capture below is representative of the various windows (click it to see it full size). Go to the download link to see more.


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