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WinFilters - An Acoustic Filter Graph Tool

Download WinFilters v1.003

Initial Installation

If you have previously installed an earlier version (if it moves beyond 1.0), you may not have to use the instructions below. The ClickOnce install from Microsoft on a few occasions has tried to download a file from the web site here, but that does not work. I've yet to determine why this occurs. In that event, you can simply unzip the contents into the folder or you choice and run the exe directly. You'll have to create shortcut yourself if the folder is not in the same place as the previous installation. The one that I recommend is C:\WinFilters for simplicity.

Installation is simple. The download file is a zip file. Download to any directory you choose to install it. Unzip the contents and run the setup file, then follow the instructions. If .NET 4.0 is not already installed on your PC, it will be automatically downloaded from Microsoft. You have to have an active internet connection at this point. Once done, off-line installs will work. A screen capture of the installation start is shown below.

Setup image

If .NET needs to be downloaded and installed, the .NET framework will be automatically downloaded. You'll need to follow this (the same as the steps shown for WinPCD). Any later version updates will not require this step.

Un-Install Instructions

Step 1: Close ALL WinFilters windows. It's possible to have multiple instances running simultaneously.

Step 2: Depending on which version of Windows you are using, select the appropriate option for installing/removing applications.

Step 3: Find the entry for "Windows Acoustic Filter Graphing Tool". Double-click it. You will be given an option window to uninstall, not other options. If you accept, it will be uninstalled in short order. That's it.

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