Windows Passive Crossover Designer (WinPCD) v1.6 Changes, Updated 7 Jan 2023

There are so many additions and changes to WinPCD in v1.6 that it needed its own page

Major Additions
  1. Duelund filter tab. Calculates and populates the filter paramaters in the WinPCD tabs for 3-way Duelund crossover targets. Duelund section targets cannot be determined separately, the sections must be calculated for a specific set of parameters.
  2. Added new tab for vertical polar response graphs (polar nodes).
Major Changes
  1. Front hemisphere power has a new calculation with a hemispheric weighting scheme that provides a more accurate result.
  2. The power response graph now includes a listening window response calculated from front hemisphere data that is the power for a window that is +/- 10 degrees vertical, +/-30 degrees horizontal.
  3. Complete re-do of uncorrelated power response. Uncorrelated Power is calculated using only on-axis data.
  4. Many changes to reference angle treatment for Bessel calculation correction.
  5. Frequency range upper limit is now 50000 Hz.
  6. Added a new form to display a set of inductor lists of values/impedance (mh/ohms). The user can edit/add/delete these.
  • System Tab showing new 'Last Imported/Saved Filename' controls
  • New Duelund target example
  • New Polar Nodes graph example
  • Update front hemisphere power/listening window example
  • New Inductor List Form (Added in v1.612)

User Interface (UI) Changes

  1. System Impedance was not updated with tweeter or midrange set inactive. Fixed.
  2. Front Hemisphere graph was limited to 30khz. It's now 50khz.
  3. Added Drag-n-Drop for session file read.
  4. Added Drag-n-Drop for file selections.
  5. Added "Last Imported/Saved Filename" controls.
  6. Added error messages for "files not found" during project file import.
  7. Import of saved session file with driver SPL adjustment no longer applies the adjustment on re-load unless set in the file.
  8. Fixed Textbook Filter Value dialog.
  9. Textbook filter initializaion now uses target order instead of crossover order.
  10. Initialization of textbook values will now auto-calculate the new curves.
  11. BesselPhaseMatch HP 4th order textbook calculations corrected.
  12. Added textbook calculations for Duelund filters.
  13. Fixed directivity for Listening/Measuring Distance changes.
  14. Fixed issue at 11K when directivity is active. Problem was Bessel function at high frequencies. It's not monotonic.
  15. Added Duelund to export/import of session file.
  16. Added default Duelund selections for aleph.
  17. Schematic Overlay changed to 2 digit decimals for all but pure resistors.
  18. Scroller display values are now at least 2 decimal places.
  19. Hemisphere power response window is now re-sizable.
  20. Power response graph is now resizable.

Other Small Changes

  1. Renamed "Polar Position" on power graph to "Spinorama Vector".
  2. Driver Directivity Inactive setting was left active on re-initialize session. Fixed.
  3. Drivers are now set to inactive on re-initialize.
  4. Power Response window is now closed on session load.
  5. System window is now closed on re-initialize program.
  6. Setting tweeter inactive did not remove the T Eq curve from the system graph. Fixed
  7. Bessel response changes moving tje curve in the same direction off of 0 degrees now corrected.
  8. Opening old session versions with Offsets for drivers that were still set from the previous session is fixed.
  9. Polar jumped when mic angle = reference angle (or maybe when vertical rotation = 0). Fixed.
  10. Mic angles reset on Re-Initialize Session.
  11. Extended comment query for csv save in surface plot data.
  12. Commented out messagebox for system save context menu options.
  13. Added event handler for ctrl-s (Save) shortcut. This now brings up the Save Session dialog from anywhere in the app.
  14. Added target filter phase to driver tab SPL graphs. Only had magnitude. This allows export for simulated driver responses originally set to 180 degrees.
  15. Duelund target export default type is frd.
  16. Import/Export session file request now closes the SystemGraph window for the title to be updated to the new session name.
  17. Reset Ref Angles on import of a new session.
  18. Fixed phase overshoot on graph at 180 degrees. Changed phase curve to 0F for (no) smoothing to eliminate overshoort at 180/-180 degrees.
  19. Added an icon to the System Graph Window.
  20. Removed the zedgraph "Save" messagebox option.
  21. Removed the tag from display on the front hemisphere graph.
  22. Eliminated all message boxes on import/export session/crossover files that required the user to acknowledge each one to continue.
  23. Added the filename to the power response window.
  24. Crossover components are set gray in "Clear Crossover Values", not set normal on Initialize.
  25. Initialize textbook did something strange if Bessel of some kind is selected. Fixed.
  26. Import WMT after previous had the SPL adjust set causes imported file to be "adjusted" in error. Fixed.
  27. Ref Angles are now reset on import of a session file.
  28. SPL Adjust is now reset on import session.
  29. Corrected form save for woofer diameter.
  30. Fixed export/import project for filter order.
  31. Import project should now accept previous versions of the PCD again. NOTE: This will, of course, leave many items blank, those that never existed in the PCD spreadsheet.
  32. Added "WinPCD" icon to all graphs.
  33. Updated the target help file.