WinPCD -- Embedded Help Files

WinPCD has several embedded Help Files (pdf) for quick access and detailed info/instructions for special functions. These can be reviewed here for convenience. There may be some additional details provided here not found in the program help files.

Reference Angles One function that may not be in other design software is a method to estimate and remove the built-in off-axis impact that is inherent in measurement files. Any measurements taken off-axis, then imported for design already have some amount of off-axis change. When the "Reference Angles" option is is selected and the reference angles set, this off-axis is estimated and removed from those files so that subsequent off-axis influence doesn't include the measured off-axis influence.
Target Selection Targets are set in one of three ways, depending on what type of target is desired. This describes what the options are and how they are set.
Polar Mic Positioning The response at off-axis (polar) points can be manually selected, but can't be entered directly. This describes how to enable and change the polar sample point for an individual point response.
Polar Nodes WinPCD v6 has a new section for vertical off-axis (polar) response curve display. This describes its capabilities and how it works.