I am an experimenter more than anything. I like to find out what makes something work (or not work, as the case may be). This has extended to speakers. I am at the point of doing design, from measurements to construction to final tweaking, but I still like to go back to taking something apart to see how it works. You'll find a bit of that in these pages as it's interesting to open up a driver, usually a tweeter, to study its construction and see if any DIY improvements are possible. This is quite often the case for tweeters. Larger drivers can at times also be improved, though with different methods and usually with less effectiveness.

My background is as a degreed Electrical Engineer from the Virginia Military Institute. We had a fair amount of lab work, mostly power and microwave and usually conducted in groups of two or three. I usually took the lead in the hands-on part as it suited me and the others often preferred to allow me to do so. The empirical part has always been my strong point and held more interest.

A brief listing of my resume includes:

As for speakers, I began to study design by closely following the detailed measurement aspect in published reviews. The first measurement systems to which I had access were loaners of LMS and MLSSA in 1995. The move from LMS to MLSSA cemented my preference for MLS-based systems. I purchased LAUD in 1998 and use it to this day due its ease of use and inherent calibration when used with the Fiji sound card. Absolute measurements are, to me, indispensible.

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