Dayton Tweeter Tests and Modifications

David L. Ralph

Updated 23 Oct 2001

I recently received 4 soft-dome Dayton Tweeters from "PE Paul" of Parts Express (from his personal stock, thanks, Paul), model 275-070, for some tests and possible modifications. I had done some work on Vifa D27TG-45's, changing the rear chamber to see what effects it had. This is detailed in my Miscellaneous section.

I had been following the threads at the Parts Express message board on the Dayton tweeters. There is a bit of a *cult* following of these. It's an inexpensive driver which has reportedly good sound. A few people posted some measurements of their units and some also made a modification or two. They appeared to be clones of the Morel MDT-29. After close inspection and comparison of the dome/faceplate, they actually are somewhat of a Morel clone hybrid. The motor structure looks more like the MDT-29 while the dome/faceplate is like that of the MDT-32. This similarity provided an interesting test, which I'll report on later.

I was given an opportunity to test them and try them, something which no DIYer could pass up. I decided that I would try to fully document every step of the process. I plan to eventually substitute them for the Scan-Speak D2905/9300's I use in my 3-way system, and maybe try them in a 2-way combination as well.

The graphs on the pages are not full size (with the exception of the original impedance page). There is a button beside each one which should open a new window with a full size graph, if desired. I would appreciate feedback as to whether or not this is preferred over placing the full size graphs directly in the page. My purpose was to reduce download time of each page while providing access to the full size graphs.

I am also planning to take photos, but I don't have a digital camera so this will have to wait.

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