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Tweaks for Tweeters

Tweeter tweaks is a common topic on some of the loudspeaker discussion boards. This drew me in as well, since I've always enjoyed taking things apart to see how they work. Sometimes I've even been able to fix or improve what I took apart. Other times it never went back together properly. I've been lucky with tweeters so far, as I haven't had one turn out worse than before disassembly.

This tweaking has lead to me buying a few for just this purpose. I also have a few which were donated specifically for testing purposes (the Daytons). I measure them, open them up, inspect them, maybe try a tweak, then re-measure them. These pages are a result of that interest.

There may not ever be more than the following pages on lamb's wool and adding a chamber, since I can't believe that there are many things which can be done to tweak a tweeter in addition to these two. If I discover or hear of a tweak worth documenting, I may add to this.