The following pages contain graphs of the Liberty Instruments Audiosuite (LAUD) measurements of a 2-way system comprising a Seas G17REX/P and a Vifa D27TG-45 mounted in a closed box of 4L. The baffle is 8" x 11½". The woofer edge is ¼" from the bottom, centered, while the edge of tweeter is mounted ¼" from the top and ½" from the side. The boxes are a mirror-imaged pair.

Only the raw measurements are shown in this section, as this is meant to demonstrate the differences in windowed measurement. I have a crossover which I am evaluating, but it needs improvement, although is surprising for the first generation crossover. Eventually I'll probably post the final crossover and LAUD measurements.

The box size is close to the volume needed for a Butterworth rolloff (Q = 0.707) for the Seas driver using the manufacturers specifications. The measured T/S parameters for the new drivers are off some, which is normal, but I expect them to break in over time. I am hopeful that the they will settle close to the specs.

The Seas woofer only appears in one graph at this time. I haven't put up more as there is no offset in it and the edge diffraction doesn't have significant impact on the woofer due to the increasing directionality of the woofer as it approaches the crossover point selected (currently 2.5khz).