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These screen captures are representative of some of what the user can do with regard to window size when designing. It's intended more for those with either smaller screens (laptops) or multiple desktop monitors. The former has, of course, space limitations. The latter has space to see everything at once. As you can see, the windows can be re-sized and positioned such that even a small monitor as found on a laptop still has sufficient space to easily see the most useful areas when designing. Switching windows and/or tabs frequently is not needed.

Each driver graph has an option for display of the summed response, just as is possible in the PCD spreadsheet. This allows a small screen to be used rather during the design process while having the option to display the system graph window as desired to see more detail.

Click on an image to open a new window.

System Window

Acoustic Center

Tweeter Window

Midrange Window

Woofer Window

Tweeter Circuit

Midrange Circuit

Woofer Circuit

System SPL

System Impedance

System Transfer Functions

Instructions Window

Horizontal Response

Vertical Response

Polar Response

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